2015 SYLVANER Release Dinner with Joint Venture NYC

May 25, 2016

Our friends Danny Newberg and Nialls Fallon a.k.a. Joint Venture are equipped with a lot to say and have of a lot of ideas about how to cook, eat and share food.

Since setting up their food enterprise in New York City last year, Joint Venture has been bringing both people and ingredients together in new ways. They dispatched themselves to the Scribe knoll for a two-night special feast, and paired the following ingredients:


Squid and cod liver (served on tostadas)

fluke with buttermilk and fermented chili (with kumquat and anchovy crumbs)

Marin miyagi oysters with fermented ginger

In return, we paired their food with Sylvaner and Riseling, wished everyone good health and let the feast begin.

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