White Pressed PINOT NOIR: Story of a SCRIBE Wine

July 21, 2020


This is a white wine made from red grapes, and our take on the ‘Vin Clairs’ of Champagne. Vin Clair is the base wine of Champagne – the still wine made before the second fermentation in the bottle which creates the effervescence.  

As a base wine, a Vin Clair is often sharp, with fresh racy acidity, low in alcohol, with pure, elegant simplicity. Tasting ‘Blanc de Noir’ Vin Clairs of Pinot Noir in the cellars of Champagne a few years ago was a revelation. They had the pinot noir red fruit tones that we love, but also the focus, freshness and agility of a crisp white wine. We started imagining the SCRIBE version. 

$38 / Bottle


We first experimented with the white-pressed Pinot Noir in 2017 and we’ve refined the vinification each vintage. The process has similarities to making rosé; gently hand harvested early in the season, the whole clusters are put immediately to the press for a slow and delicate separation of juice and skins, preventing extraction of any color or bittering tannins, while capturing brightness, vibrancy, floralness, and an elegant smooth texture.  The result is a pure, energetic, and highly drinkable wine that conveys a sense of place and is true to the deeply expressive Pinot Noir varietal.

Photography by Clay Grier and Conor Hagen.

Film by Conor Hagen.