Skin Fermented CHARDONNAY: Story of a SCRIBE Wine

October 14, 2020


As many great things have, this wine started as an experiment.

While traveling through northern Italy, we watched local winemakers continue ancient tradition by fermenting the juice of their white grapes with the grapes’ skins. The resulting wine had all of the acidity and freshness of white wine backed by the structural tannic support of red wine. We drank these robust whites with dinner each night, in awe of their transformational versatility at the table.

$48 / Bottle


We returned to Sonoma inspired and started experimenting with skin fermentation using the highly aromatic 809 Chardonnay clone. With each vintage, we’ve gradually extended the maceration period longer and longer, delighting in the resulting structure and nuance. Now a decade into this evolving experiment, our 2019 Skin Fermented Chardonnay stayed in concrete with its skins for over 80 days.

Although inspired by European tradition, we think this bright, textured wine embodies a new spirit of California Chardonnay.

Photography by Clay Grier and Kayla Schmah.

Film by Conor Hagen.