Estate RIESLING: Story of a SCRIBE Wine

April 26, 2020


We have always been inspired by the rich history of this farm. 

Scribe Riesling is a contemporary homage to the Dresel brothers – the pioneering settlers of the Scribe Estate – who, in 1858, brought cuttings of this native German varietal to California.

Now, after a decade of growing Riesling in California, we have come to understand how to balance this noble grape’s sometimes generous spirit and capture those higher tones and fresh characteristics. Its minerality, floral notes, its stony fruit. We have 3 distinct blocks on the estate all with different exposure, soil, slope, spacing and trellis systems.

$44 / Bottle


We practice restraint in every step of the process: slowing the ripening curve in the vineyard, harvesting the fruit when acid levels and sugar are in balance and maintaining long, cold fermentations in concrete. There is no oak, no ML. The Riesling is dry and has 0.0 grams of residual sugar. Those delicate nuances evolve into a great expression of the vineyard.

Photography by Clay Grier and Alanna Hale.

Film by Conor Hagen.