Estate PINOT NOIR: Story of a SCRIBE Wine

April 22, 2020


We all love Pinot Noir because of its transparency. In its nuance, Pinot Noir can tell you who made it, in what year, and most importantly from where, even down to which side of the road. 

We have always felt we had something distinctive in the terroir here on the Scribe Estate with its cool salty breezes, bright afternoon sun and volcanic ash-laden soil. The promise of the right conditions to capture the brighter and more vivid characters of this delicate fruit continues to energize us.  

$60 / Bottle


Each vintage is a deeper exploration into the mystery of this moody variety and each vintage we understand more, getting closer to that wild and willful expression of this place. The temperamental and transparent nature of Pinot Noir guides us to express our California terroir in the purest and most direct way possible. 

Handled gently in the cellar, with native yeast fermentation, aged in neutral oak and bottled unfiltered, the Estate Pinot Noir is a wine uniquely connected to time and place – distinctly tied to our small piece of Sonoma.

Photography by Clay Grier and Andres Gonzalez.

Film by Conor Hagen.