Estate Hillside Pinot Noir: Story of a SCRIBE Wine

June 4, 2024
The story of a SCRIBE wine.

2022 Estate Hillside Pinot Noir
Pomegranate, Rose Petal, Bay Laurel

We’ve always known we had something distinctive in the terroir here on the estate with the cooling sea breezes, bright afternoon sun and volcanic ash-laden soil. The slopes of Arrowhead Mountain, rising behind the Hacienda, always held the most promise and potential for extremely high quality Pinot Noir. We waited 10 years to plant vines on this hillside, gaining experience and the trust of this landscape, and are elated to finally share a bottling from this site.

This wine holds the wildness of Arrowhead Mountain, the ripe fruit of its sun, the edge and energy of its volcanic soils – the most distinct terroir of Scribe.


$75.00 / bottle

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