Baker Lane Syrah: Story of a SCRIBE Wine

January 27, 2021
The story of a SCRIBE wine.

2018 Baker Lane Syrah
Pomegranate, Black Olive, Bay Laurel


Nestled in a modest and beautiful valley in the western Sebastopol Hills, these vines see cold, brisk days with a constant salty breeze from the Pacific Ocean. This vineyard makes us wait. The grapes need every sunny day in order to achieve ripeness, and they are always our last harvest of the season. But, as they say, good things take time.

If the Syrah we harvest on Atlas Peak is grounded, savory and elemental, this Syrah from Baker Lane is ethereal, floral and windswept. The grapes undergo a traditional co-fermentation with Viognier to add brightness and aromatics and the vineyard’s slow, cool ripening results in deep flavors coupled with a lower alcohol content akin to a Pinot Noir.

The result is an elegant and highly drinkable Syrah that reflects this remarkable little valley on Sonoma’s rugged coast.


$66.00 / bottle


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