ATLAS EAST Cabernet Sauvignon: Story of a SCRIBE Wine

October 7, 2020


The Vaca Mountains are the easternmost of California’s Coastal Range, slicing deftly between the Napa and Sacramento valleys. Sitting atop this range is Atlas Peak, a jagged, fertile mountain slope that has been home to vineyards since the late 1800s. This wild edge of California has been Scribe’s Napa outpost since 2007.

$85 / Bottle


Atlas Peak is as beautiful as it is rugged, as delicate as it is demanding. The vineyard sits on the southeastern facing slope, a rare exposure that allows for lots of morning sun and ridgeline shade in the afternoon. This cool ripening at 1,600 feet (well above the fogline) produces bright, energetic fruit that is unmistakably mountainside Napa.

The resulting wine is elemental, tasting of volcanic soil, the salty wind from the San Pablo Bay, the early morning sun — all that makes California wild and free.

Photography by Clay Grier and Kayla Schmah.

Film by Conor Hagen.